Tuesday, January 24, 2017


A friend told me this trick that she read online which will help to keep the room cold without lowering the temperature.
The tip is to use the ‘DRY’ functionality in your airconditioning system!
One of the options on your remote under ‘Mode’ is the DRY function, as shown in the picture of the Panasonic aircon at my own place. By making the room dry, the airconditioner is actually set to remove the moisture through dehumidification. This process also lowers the temperature of the room, without having to set it at 16DegC.
This is similar to the basic principle that was applied in Carrier’s invention of the first commercial airconditioning system
By keeping the set temperature at a reasonable 25DegC and in the DRY function, this apparently will enable the airconditioner to run more efficiently without using more energy.

I personally haven’t tried yet.. but I do not like the dry feeling, it makes me thirsty as the air will be dry and my throat will start itching! It is up to individual so why don’t you give it a try, and it may work for you!


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