Sunday, January 22, 2017


Well almost!
While it is very unlikely to have free aircon at home, here are some ways to keep yourself from getting a shock at your monthly electricity bills.
Whether your air conditioner is energy efficient, there are still methods to save your pennies by keeping these guidelines in mind:
1.         The room size matters* – measurements should be quite accurate so that you can decide on the cooling capacity of the air conditioner you want to purchase. We will go into how to calculate the size of the air conditioning system for optimal cooling.
2.         When the air conditioner is on, ensure that the rooms are well enclosed – meaning doors and winders should be well shut. This is to prevent heat from coming in the room.
3.         Utilize the ‘economy mode’ of your air conditioner if there is such an option, or set a timer if necessary.
4.         It is always better to be patient and wait for the room to climatise than to set a higher temperature (than the desired degree) to cool down and readjust the temperature later on.
5.         You can minimise the usage of airconditioner. For example you can cool the room before you go to sleep for 1-2 hours, then off the airconditioner and use the fan instead while you are sleeping.
6.         Recommended temperature is at a comfortable 25degC. Each degree higher, the more you have to pay as the cooler it is, the more energy is utilized.
It is critical that the air conditioning systems are regularly serviced so as to maximize the air conditioner’s efficiency and lifespan. This would prevent and reduce the risk of breaking down and having to replace costly components.
So, you still want to reduce your bill even lower. Let’s see the other means of keeping cool without the use of aircon…
  • The obvious – choose the fan instead of the airconditioner if cost is your concern.
  • Well ventilated apartment (by opening the windows and doors to create a criss-cross breeze) helps to cool the apartment.
  • Invest in an energy-efficient window covering that allow natural light to come into the room while minimizing the solar heat absorption.
Other means to reduce $$$ on your electrical bill,
  • All electrical appliances should be switched off instead of putting on standby mode.
  • Own energy labeled appliance, as the more ticks, the better energy saving properties it has.
Lets consolidate more ideas and make this world a greener place without sweating too much! (while keeping the wallet fatter as well   )
*Don’t forget to check out our website on how to calculate roomsize:


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