Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Circuit Board issues

Hello all!
One of the issues our clients have faced and alsoI have faced personally (refrigerator, not aircon. Same same but different as some would say!) is on circuit board (aka motherboard) problems. What would have been the cause of it?
– Too old, the circuit board is fragile
– When there is a current surge and the circuit board cannot take the surge
– Wrong voltage input
– Wrong wiring/ wires that are damaged or spoilt
– Pests inside the aircon units that interfere with the circuit board
Repairing is not a common method as it takes skilled technicians to do that. Usually replacing the whole circuit board is a more common solution by most AC servicers. Replacement of this part can cost a few hundred SG dollars.
There are many reasons why the circuit board will be faulty. Again, a trained technician can diagnose the issue. As for the fixing, there is no way to escape the cost (unless the technician can promise to repair the circuit board. Repairing will definitely be cheaper)
Hope this doesn’t happen to your AC unit though!

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