Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We have been getting questions – what are the differences between the 3 products we are offering? When do I do a regular servicing or a chemical wash? My aircon is not cold – can a regular servicing help?
There is a reason for different offers – because they serve different needs of your aircon!
What are the services provided by Aircon.guru? 
We provide the following basic servicing of air conditioners:
Maintenance servicing
1.         Cleaning of cover, clean air-filter, drain-pan and other parts
2.         Cleaning of drainage pipe to prevent water leakage
3.         Checking of air conditioner’s operating conditions (operation of motor, blower fan, evaporator coil, fan coil, condensing coil condition)
4.         Cleaning of air filter and covers
5.         Checking of gas pressure
6.         Checking of water leakage
7.         Clearing of evaporating coil
Any work not described above such as top up of refrigerant is additional and will be paid to Servicer directly. 
AG Recommends: This should be performed every 3 months, not only to keep the aircon untis healthy but to check for any possible or potential issues as well. 
Chemical Wash
Heavy duty servicing that includes the removal of the cover of the airconditioner unit and flushing of the unit with approriate chemical products. For this there is no dismantling of the fancoil, all the cleaning will be done in-situ with a tray to collect the residue.
AG Recommends: The chemicals will be used for tougher grim and dirt that normal servicing is not able to get rid of. Usually recommended to do it once yearly to maintain the airconditioner in good condition. Do note that no dismantling of the airconditioner from their mount on the wall except for the cover. 
Chemical Overhaul
1.         Dismantle aircon unit for chemical cleaning
2.         Chemical cleaning of evaporator coil and filter
3.         Chemical Cleaning of condenser coil 
4.         Chemical Cleaning of condensate drain pan 
5.         Chemical Cleaning of condensate water drainage system 
6.         Chemical Cleaning of blower, wheel and blade 
7.         Checking of all electrical component 
8.         Checking of all setting including thermostats and controls
9.         Lubricating of all moving parts 
10.      Checking of refrigerant system 
11.      Top up of refrigerant
12.      Re-installation of aircon unit
AG Recommends: Serious cleaning of the units that will include full dismantling from their mount. This is usually done when chemical wash is not able to remove the built-up in the airconditioners over years of usage and no regular maintenance was performed.
So in general
  • Regular Maintenance Servicing should be done on a quarterly basis, just to make sure the dirt doesn’t accumulate and choke the system. This servicing also does a quick checkup to ensure there is no operational issue.
  • Chemical Wash is recommended once in a while (yearly) for your airconditioners, this is to give the system a good cleanse and clear up all the dirt that the regular servicing might have missed.
  • Chemical Overhaul is like the Spring Cleaning of airconditioner system. This usually is recommended when the units have accumulated too much dirt and the above 2 wouldn’t have solved the issue.
So take home lesson – do the regular maintenance servicing religiously and your aircon will be in a tip top condition for most of its lifetime! You save money and headache as well, just come visitAircon.guru for your aircon needs 


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