Monday, January 23, 2017


Airconditioner sytems can be complicated. Do you know the different types?
Window Aircon
Window Aircon is an airconditioner system that has all the parts in one encasement.  Means the following are all contained within the unit: compressor, condenser, expansion valve or coil, evaporator and cooling coil.

This is one of the first generation of airconditioners to hit Singapore market. Thus in the older HDB flats, a wall opening was created on purpose so residents can put it up if they wanted to.
Portable Aircon
This is like the window airconditioner system where all parts are inside a box, except that this is a movable box that sits on the ground.
Principle of airconditioning still applies, thus one will need to remove the hot air produced out of the room (via window).  The advantage of this is that it is portable, the downside is that it is much louder than the Window airconditioner.
Split Aircon
Split Aircon is the latest model that is purchased by most in Singapore. There is a indoor (unit fixed on the wall) and outdoor unit (compressor) which involves ducting and pipework around the apartment.
Main advantage of Split Aircon is that it is quieter, and looks much presentable than the above 2 kinds. Though it is also much more costly, and  it takes up much more work to relocate it after installation.
Thus one must consider many factors when buying a airconditioner system – cost, location, no of units, sustainability etc.


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