Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Here are the ‘symptoms’ that your AC is low on refrigerant
1) The room is taking a long time to get cold. This happens because the refrigerant is a critical component that regulate the temperature of the room by removing the heat from the hot air. So without sufficient amount of this liquid, your room will take a long time to cool down.
2) Hot air is released from the AC unit. Reason being the refrigerant is insufficient to cool the air down!
3) $$$ at the end of the month – The AC will operate longer to make the room colder. Longer the AC is on, the more electricity is used, and so you pay more
4) Bubbling or hissing sound – there is a significant leak going on, and the refrigerant is escaping from the hole.
How do you resolve this issue then?
The most probable cause why the refrigerant was low in the first place is because there is a leak. The other reason why the refrigerant was low could be the amount was not enough when it was installed. The technician needs to find out the location of the leaking to solve the problem once and for all.
– The leak is in the valve or port, such parts will then need to be replaced
– The leak is in the refrigerant line copper tubing, then soldering of the part will be necessary.
– The leak is in the condensing coil or in the evaporator coil, soldering is a possible repair option but this is more tricky.. some conditions may render repair not likely such as the part is too old and rusty etc
These repairs require a well-trained AC technician to perform and the cost may not be cheap. Usually topping up the gas to make the AC operate again is the solution provided. If you are like to resolve to the end, give us a call and we can provide the right technician to advice accordingly.
As usual, we hope this will not happen to your AC!


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