Monday, January 23, 2017


We have been encountering cases raised by Customers on leaking airconditioners. What could be the main cause of them?
1. Drain Hole or Pipe or Trap floor blockage
The condensed residue water will be removed via a drain hole to a trap floor. This drain or trap floor can be chocked with dirt or some debris and so the water is not able to flow through well. The pipes need to be needs to be checked to see if there is any blockage and that needs to be removed to enable the drainage to the condenser pan to occur properly.
As the pipes are encased, this usually calls for a professional/
You may not know but many modern A/C units comes with a water-overflow cutoff switch, which will shuts down the airconditioning system if the switch locates a blocked drainage line. The function helps to minimise water damage, but then, many aircon owners will then have to call a servicer as they are clueles why their aircon shuts down.
 1Leaking of air
A      Another reason for leaking is when warm air is able to go into the airconditioner system by means of a leak. In these cases, the air-con will have cooler and dryer air, and condensation will occur. One way of determining that is by checking if there is any water dripping from the front part of your aircon unit.

1.Error in installation of drainage pipe
Drainage pipe should be installed such that it is slightly tilted with a small gradient to ensure good water flow to push out dirt and debris when water flows. Some installation is done such that it is too horizontal, thus clogging happens easily.

These are the few reasons why you can have raining airconditioners.
Lesson to take home – regular servicing will help to reduce the likelihood of these issues but if they do happen, call up a professional for help! Come visit for such solutions!


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