Sunday, January 22, 2017


Mr Lee Kuan Yew once said Airconditioner is one of the best invention in this century.

This invention allows businesses (ie businessmen) to work in hot and humid countries. As MP Lim Swee Say (previously post as Singapore’s environment minister) mentioned before: ”Air-conditioning plays a crucial role in our economy. Without it, many of our rank-and-file workers would probably be sitting under coconut trees to escape from the heat and humidity, instead of working in high-tech factories.”
Weather in Singapore is hot and humid all year round. Heat can go as high as 36 deg (record in March ’98) but temperature typically ranges from 23 – 32 deg.
Airconditioner has played a very important role in the transformation of Singapore. Now, no one can imagine a shopping mall here without airconditioning system. You can call us a bunch of spoilt brats but I for one, am glad that we have the aircon system here.
Before air-conditioning, business was only dealt in the morning where it was much cooler. Now, no one can imagine working in an office with only fans and windows open.
Air-cons first came into Singapore in the 50’s headspeared by Carrier, an American air-conditioner company. Since then there was no turning back. Soon restaurants, banks, offices etc were installed with them
This was a luxury not many can afford then in their homes. By the late 80’s, less than 1 in 5 owns them. By the late 90’s almost 60% of the households installed the aircon systems at home as this technology becomes more advanced and economically viable for middle income to own them.
Air-conditioners can create their own problems. If residents are found harboring malaria- and dengue-carrying mosquitoes in the stagnant water of air-conditioner trays, they face a hefty fine of up to $5,000 and/or up to 3 months jail for repeated offenders.
To know how important airconditioners is to us, air-conditioners account for nearly 10 percent of the cost of a new building and roughly 60 percent of its monthly power bill according to one construction firm.
Nowadays a 3 system is easily a SGD200/mth electricity bill if you on them every night…
Now it will be interesting to know, how to keep cool (with or without aircon) and keep the bill low…


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