Monday, January 23, 2017


You have noticed a while but just thought, it’s just a one-off case, or ‘let’s see tomorrow’ But if your airconditioner is just not blowing cold air, you shouldn’t leave it to chances…
The obvious – Dirty air filter
If you use your airconditioner everyday, the poor fella is cleaning your air in the apartment tirelessly.  If the filter is not changed or cleaned at least once every month, the dirt will accumulate and affect the cool air coming out.
The less obvious – Blocked condenser
All parts of the aircon plays an important role to work efffectively, and condenser is no less important. Once it is choked with grim and dirt, you will feel the impact with no cool air coming out of the units in the room. If possible, condenser should be cleaned once a month.

Leaking of refrigerant
One of the checks in regular maintenance servicing is to check on the refrigerant. This is a very important liquid that plays a critical role in the cooling function. So if this liquid is leaking and not able to flow consistently throughout the system to cool the air, it explains why the air coming out of the aircon is not cooled.
Filthy evaporator
Another important component of airconditioning system is the evaporator. You would know by the time you read to this part that dirt and grim and dust will affect the cooling process.
Broken thermostat
Thermostat works as the controller of the temperature of your airconditioner. If this component is malfunctioning, the airconditioner will not work according to your set temperature.
Wrong size airconditioner system for the room
This principle works for any other things.. For example, a small engine for a big car size. If you have chosen a small airconditioner system for a room too big, then your aircon may not be very effective.
Take home lesson:
Do regular servicing to keep it in good condition! Treat your aircon well and it will repay the favor by doing its job efficiently and breaking down less often.


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